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    Kick school spirit up a notch!

    Its time for Souderton students to step up to the plate and show what theyre all about.

    Sons and daughters true and loyal/ join our song of cheer/ for our dear old high school royal/ as we gather here.

    Sound familiar? It should. The sad thing is the only group of kids that know that song around here is the chorus. Yes folks, that is your alma mater. It seems to us that this year the students of Souderton Area High School have been seriously lacking school spirit. In years past students would be proudly wearing their Souderton apparel and shouting words of encouragement to sports players through the hallways before a big game or match. Before, Souderton students were truly full of school spirit. But this year, things are different. Gone are the days when kids would show up at Pep Rallies and sports games with their faces painted, chanting the school fight song. (Remember that? V-I, V-I, V-I-C-T.

    Bet the only time you heard that song was at your sophomore orientation night when Principal Susan Beerman got up on stage and made you sing it!) But seriously, what is up with students not showing their school pride? Believe it or not, you are lucky to be attending Souderton Area High School.Its located in a nice small town (dont roll your eyes), with excellent educated teachers, bright students, and an administrative team like no other. At Souderton there are so many opportunities for you like clubs, activities, and sports in which to get involved. Showing your school spirit and supporting Souderton is your way of giving back to the school for all the wonderful things its done for you.

    So why the lack of Souderton spirit? Okay, so the football team doesnt have a winning record at the moment, but theyre giving it their all and putting up a great fight. Why cant we pull together and support them? We thought it wasnt about if you won or lost, but how you played the game! Seniors, think of yourselves as the spirit leaders. Every group needs a leader, or in this case MANY leaders. The juniors and sophomores look up to you as their role models.

    Put a little effort into this year, its your last year at Souderton, so take this time to reflect, appreciate your high schooland sport that Souderton hoodie proudly. Did you ever think of the wonderful effects that actually having school spirit could cause? Believe it or not, school spirit is kind of like a link in the chain of….. well, well call it happiness. Having school spirit can make you happy. Its true! But you may ask How can painting my face and wearing a SAHS T-shirt make me happy? No fear, well explain.

    See, its not about how many SAHS T-shirts you own, or how many times you participate in spirit week. Its the attitude. Ah yes, the word that attaches itself to everything in life. Being positive about Souderton, appreciating your school, being truly excited to be here, being proud of your classmates, trusting your teachers, and supporting the administration is all a part of school spirit as well. Take a few moments, and think about your life if you werent at Souderton, but someplace else. Sure, youd have friends, but not THESE friends. The friends that have always been there for you, that you have the most fun with. Imagine going through high school without them. Youd have teachers, but not THESE teachers. Yes, youd have to go without hearing that Notre Dame song every time you walk out of Aherns room.

    And yeah, youd have a different team of professionals on the administration, but not like the ones that we have here.
    How many high school principals will dress up in a huge Indian costume and stand outside on the first day of school greeting students and actually be excited to do it?

    See kids, Souderton rocks. With homecoming right around the corner, we need to pull together and take a week out of this year and celebrate Souderton. Homecoming is the ultimate tradition of school spirit. So go to that carnival, throw a few pies, bob for a few apples, buy some candy from The Key Club. Go see your friends in the parade, and party at the tailgate. And if you dont do anything this Homecoming week, at the very least, show up at the game. Being excited about Souderton, supporting your alma mater, thats school spirit. Hanging out with your high school friends, screaming at the top of your lungs, getting dressed up silly, those are your memories. So, take note from The Beach Boys So be true to your school/ Just like you would to your girl or guy/ Be true to your school now/ And let your colors fly…

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