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  • Why Should You Get Origami RDE-01 Computer Desk ?

    Office workers traditionally used to depend on cramped, small, wooden furniture desks, that over time wrecked their work schedule with a number of problems that occurred. Termite infestation to sharp edges digging into your knees to a constant feeling of irreparable discomfort; name it and people would agree. With a changing world, the technology has rapidly transformed as well. So, has the furniture section. Each category brings its own magic in the form of furniture tables, desks, and chairs. I always prefer having L shaped desk if I need comfort. Here are some of the top recommended models by Deskhive

    Desks are now available in glass, wrought iron, ceramic, steel, PVC coated and manufactured wood.

    Some desks are classic wooden, some steel built and some are made of glass. It all translates into a more sophisticated and stylish design which can provide you the best functionality as well as seamlessly fit into any given room. A good computer desk should make sure of every spot on the surface area being thoroughly organized. There should be some sort of cable management, proper concealed drawers for plug in chargers and more. In most cases, these computer desks need to be assembled once delivered.

    Origami RDE-01 Computer Desk :-

    Origami RDE 01 Computer Desk


    The origami computer desk opens and folds in seconds. It holds flat for easy storage. There is no assembly required. The shelf capacity is 250 pounds per shelf and the level surface is evenly distributed. Despite its simplistic design, it is well designed and sturdy. The large amount of space provided is perfect for a full computer desktop system to go up on it. You can conveniently fit your laptop, computer system, speakers, subwoofer and more. You can even fit in a play station underneath in the space provided below.

    It is a portable workstation, thus can be easily carried or moved from one room to another. The setup is ridiculously easy and you will have absolutely no qualms in assembling it. It has a detachable top surface board and a separate frame which is surprisingly light in weight and easy to hold up.

    The days of chunky computer desks are over, with this Origami RDE-01 Computer desk in town. Among the most notable features, is how easily the desk folds and how it can be stored in 40 seconds or less. The removable table top makes it easy to move the desk from one room to another or from one house to another as well. Thus, making it the most portable workstation possible. There are no tools required to put the desk together, thus adding to the immense plus points it already has. While it is an excellent gaming table because of its sturdy features, it can also be used as a writing desk, office desk for home office users and as an extension table to store folders, binders and important documents.

    The sturdy steel frame allows for over 45 kilograms to conveniently be placed, which means that it can hold so much more than just a desktop.

    The only slight drawback with the desk is that there’s no keyboard drawer. However, considering the expensive table top, it can easily accommodate a keyboard and even multiple gaming consoles. The two-piece folding mechanism as well as the frame lock ensures not only easy set up and storage, but also, structural integrity when in use. The locking system makes the desk stable, even if has to support a lot of weight.

    It can be used as a study table for general purposes, as well as a gaming table for people who have a lot of gaming peripherals. The limited space holders can easily go for the ORIGAMI table. It is aptly named since it is a clever and practical method of storage and can be increasingly used to develop productivity on a regular basis.…

  • Alumni Share More Than Just Memories

    By Tara Balch
    Arrowhead Staff Writer
    and Kyle Long
    Arrowhead Features Editor

    Souderton alumni and their guests occupied the Indian Valley Country Club on Sunday, October 6.
    Graduates from many different years attended to reminisce, have an exquisite lunch, and be entertained.
    Although they were all from different graduating classes, they all had one thing in common: they had graduated at least fifty years ago.The luncheon served as a sort of reunion for some of the attendants and gave them the opportunity to learn about the changes made to their former high school.

    The afternoon began at 1:00 p.m. for a social hour.Committee Chairperson Wes Bergey soon greeted everyone and food was served a short time later.Directly following lunch, speeches were made by Director of Secondary Education Jack Silva. English teacher Darryl Smith also reminisced about changes in the school, giving everyone an idea of how Souderton has changed over the past five decades.The crowd seemed to be in awe when Smith mentioned the multiple computer labs, foreign language programs, clubs, various electives, and technology within the students reach.In the end, Smith summed things up quite nicely.

    Although the clothing has gotten shorter and longer, and more students drive more expensive cars, theyre still just kids, he said. After speeches, the audience was entertained by the magic of Bill and Kim Mauer, professional magicians. The event concluded with a singing of the alma mater and tearful goodbyes all around. High school back then was very much different from what students now are used to. William Rehak, class of 1938, is living proof of how different the school really is.

    With approximately seventy-five students in his graduating class, the increase in students is quite a surprise. To Rehak most of the technology available to students today is foreign. I think its wonderful that these students have all these opportunities available to them, said Rehak. It makes the world a better place. Yet technology was not the only difference in the way high school was run. Back then, students didnt report to English class but instead a class called shorthand and math was referred to as bookkeeping.

    Typing class was available but it was taken on typewriters rather than computers. Rehak had a life outside of school like most people do today but he says there wasnt much to do. We played baseball basically, it was really all there was then. There really wasnt use for a job either. We didnt have to pay for much. We could go to the movies for a nickel but usually your parents could spare one, Rehak said. The banquet, a tradition that has been around in various forms since 1897, allowing a reconnection between the often forgotten alumni, and a chance to learn just how much things do change or stay the same.…

  • Big Red Football Continues Transition

    Players continue to give it their all despite some disappointing losses.

    By Daniel Boal
    Arrowhead Staff Writer

    Integrating new players into the lineup, overcoming injuries, and a smaller number of players on the roster has kept the Souderton Area High School football team winless to date.Good efforts against Norristown and Bensalem have been sandwiched between lopsided defeats against Methacton, Cheltenham and Upper Merion.

    Head Coach Todd Vanhorn, entering his fifth season in the position, believes his troops will get better as new faces and younger players gain experience and learn new roles. Every time on the field is an opportunity to show your improvements, Vanhorn said.

    Brian Kirk, one of the team captains and quarterback starter, was moved to tailback after junior Kenny Council, damaged his collar bone. Council is most likely out for the rest of the season.Additionally, starter Chris Ball suffered a serious lower back injury in a previous game against Cheltenham.

    He also may be gone for the season, adding to the growing number of banged up offensive and defensive lines. Vanhorn believes the team will play better and has not yet lost hope for the remaining games. Were trying our hardest to get at least one win this season, said Vanhorn. Defensive coach Anthony Cipriano is working the line hard.

    Cipriano is running basic maintenance with the team in hopes of keeping the conditioning achieved in camp.
    Hopefully with the rigerous workout, the line will be able to hold up in the upcoming games. One of the problems the team has been experiencing this season is a loss of players with experience. The injuries are a major contributor to this.

    A lack of experience on the team and on the line is something we are struggling with, said Cipriano, We are bringing in the freshman who are very inexperienced. With the slow start and the lack of experience on the team the coaches are focusing on building team depth and morale. With homecoming on the horizon, the team feels confident that that game will be a major win for the team and for the school.

    They are having the same complications as us this year, but we feel we are ready for the game, and are looking to get that win, said Cipriano.The teams losses have been hard on the team and the coaches, but with a good game plan and give-it-their- all players, they hope to win one this year.How will the rest of the season be? With the end of the season near, coaches Vanhorn and Cipriano count on seeing some of the players return that were thought to be out for the season. They hope this will bring back some of the lost team spirit.…

  • College fairs stir up plans for future

    College fairs stir up plans for future

    Todays college fair, the second of the school year, offers applicants insight into the world of post-secondary education.
    By Briana Abel
    and Tara Balch
    Arrowhead Staff Writers

    Representatives from many different colleges filled the gymnasium on September 23.
    It was time for the annual college fair.Trade schools, community colleges, Pennsylvania state schools and out-of-state schools were all in attendance at the event.During the first block of the school day, seniors, juniors and even some sophomores were given the opportunity to meet with admissions counslers of the schools that interested them.

    Students were also given the chance to pick up booklets and information about the schools they had an interest in, and fill out cards so that schools would start sending letters and packets directly to the potential students homes.Senior Erica Lilly said she went to the college fair to talk to college representatives and get an idea of whats out there for me.Lilly, like many students, started thinking about college when she hit high school.Tenth or eleventh grade really, my junior year was big because thats when we started to take the SATs, said Lilly. Another important factor to Lilly is to find a school that really fits my personality. This seems to be very important for students. Junior Dominique McDevitt is looking for a school that offers theater arts.

    As long as they have what I like, location isnt so important, said McDevitt. While some students look for their interests, others, like senior Brian Briggs, just want a change of pace. I want an out-of-state school. As long as it has my major and the cost isnt too high and Im around mountains, Ill be fine, said Briggs. Students like Briggs may be in luck when it comes to finding an out-of-state school.Michelle LaCoe, representative from Keystone said Its important to have out-of-state-students as part of any college.It helps give the college diversity, LaCoe continued.

    George Mason Universitys assistant director of admissions Tonya Desselle agreed. Right now were definitely trying to increase our number of out-of-state students. Yet colleges werent there just to find diversity. Desselle also said that the academic performance of the students is essential. The grades of the students over the past four years is important to a four year college, especially ours. Four year colleges arent as laid back as community coleges, you have to earn your way into them.However, a representative from North Hampton Community College says you definitely have to earn your way into a community college.

    Motivation of the students is very important. We want someone whos interested in being at our college, while at the same time were looking at their grades and SAT scores. So what do administrators have to say about all this? Souderton Area High School principal Susan Beerman said its important to start refining your search [for college] in high school. Beerman suggests that students find a college that meets your needs. Students should apply to one dream school, one shoe in and one in between. The college fairs offered a wide variety of options to all students interested. Whether theyre looking to get out of the state, commute to a nearby college or learn a trade, students now have a better idea of whats available to them.…

  • The Way We See It

    Kick school spirit up a notch!

    Its time for Souderton students to step up to the plate and show what theyre all about.

    Sons and daughters true and loyal/ join our song of cheer/ for our dear old high school royal/ as we gather here.

    Sound familiar? It should. The sad thing is the only group of kids that know that song around here is the chorus. Yes folks, that is your alma mater. It seems to us that this year the students of Souderton Area High School have been seriously lacking school spirit. In years past students would be proudly wearing their Souderton apparel and shouting words of encouragement to sports players through the hallways before a big game or match. Before, Souderton students were truly full of school spirit. But this year, things are different. Gone are the days when kids would show up at Pep Rallies and sports games with their faces painted, chanting the school fight song. (Remember that? V-I, V-I, V-I-C-T.

    Bet the only time you heard that song was at your sophomore orientation night when Principal Susan Beerman got up on stage and made you sing it!) But seriously, what is up with students not showing their school pride? Believe it or not, you are lucky to be attending Souderton Area High School.Its located in a nice small town (dont roll your eyes), with excellent educated teachers, bright students, and an administrative team like no other. At Souderton there are so many opportunities for you like clubs, activities, and sports in which to get involved. Showing your school spirit and supporting Souderton is your way of giving back to the school for all the wonderful things its done for you.

    So why the lack of Souderton spirit? Okay, so the football team doesnt have a winning record at the moment, but theyre giving it their all and putting up a great fight. Why cant we pull together and support them? We thought it wasnt about if you won or lost, but how you played the game! Seniors, think of yourselves as the spirit leaders. Every group needs a leader, or in this case MANY leaders. The juniors and sophomores look up to you as their role models.

    Put a little effort into this year, its your last year at Souderton, so take this time to reflect, appreciate your high schooland sport that Souderton hoodie proudly. Did you ever think of the wonderful effects that actually having school spirit could cause? Believe it or not, school spirit is kind of like a link in the chain of….. well, well call it happiness. Having school spirit can make you happy. Its true! But you may ask How can painting my face and wearing a SAHS T-shirt make me happy? No fear, well explain.

    See, its not about how many SAHS T-shirts you own, or how many times you participate in spirit week. Its the attitude. Ah yes, the word that attaches itself to everything in life. Being positive about Souderton, appreciating your school, being truly excited to be here, being proud of your classmates, trusting your teachers, and supporting the administration is all a part of school spirit as well. Take a few moments, and think about your life if you werent at Souderton, but someplace else. Sure, youd have friends, but not THESE friends. The friends that have always been there for you, that you have the most fun with. Imagine going through high school without them. Youd have teachers, but not THESE teachers. Yes, youd have to go without hearing that Notre Dame song every time you walk out of Aherns room.

    And yeah, youd have a different team of professionals on the administration, but not like the ones that we have here.
    How many high school principals will dress up in a huge Indian costume and stand outside on the first day of school greeting students and actually be excited to do it?

    See kids, Souderton rocks. With homecoming right around the corner, we need to pull together and take a week out of this year and celebrate Souderton. Homecoming is the ultimate tradition of school spirit. So go to that carnival, throw a few pies, bob for a few apples, buy some candy from The Key Club. Go see your friends in the parade, and party at the tailgate. And if you dont do anything this Homecoming week, at the very least, show up at the game. Being excited about Souderton, supporting your alma mater, thats school spirit. Hanging out with your high school friends, screaming at the top of your lungs, getting dressed up silly, those are your memories. So, take note from The Beach Boys So be true to your school/ Just like you would to your girl or guy/ Be true to your school now/ And let your colors fly…

    Monday – College Apparel Day

    Tuesday – Tye Dye Day

    Wednesday – Hat Day

    Thursday – Concert Apparel Day

    Friday – Red Day…