Advertise in The Arrowhead

As a student run organization, The Arrowhead recieves no funding from the school. The funds needed to print the paper come directly from advertising sales. As a holisitc course, students learn not only the fundamentals of news writing and the technical aspect of layout and design, but also the business aspect of running a newspaper by selling advertising.

By advertising in The Arrowhead, businesses are able to tap a key demographic group: teenagers.

According to a recent Ohio State University study, teenagers receive on average of $50 of disposable income from parents. In recent years, teenagers have spent a staggering $141 billion annually, up 60% in less than ten years.

By advertising in The Arrowhead, businesses also receive an exceptional value for their advertising dollar. With a per issue readership upwards of 2500, The Arrowhead offers businesses an economical way to reach a diverse audience at rate lower than other area papers.

Advertisers also receive a complimentary copy of each issue along with standard advertising on The Arrowhead Online. Advertisers who purchase a full year of advertising also receive premium advertising on The Arrowhead Online, complete with graphic.

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To receive more information about advertising with The Arrowhead, please contact The Arrowhead at (215)723-2808 ext. 3207 or via e-mail by clicking here.