Month: June 2001

  • Big Red Football Continues Transition

    Players continue to give it their all despite some disappointing losses.

    By Daniel Boal
    Arrowhead Staff Writer

    Integrating new players into the lineup, overcoming injuries, and a smaller number of players on the roster has kept the Souderton Area High School football team winless to date.Good efforts against Norristown and Bensalem have been sandwiched between lopsided defeats against Methacton, Cheltenham and Upper Merion.

    Head Coach Todd Vanhorn, entering his fifth season in the position, believes his troops will get better as new faces and younger players gain experience and learn new roles. Every time on the field is an opportunity to show your improvements, Vanhorn said.

    Brian Kirk, one of the team captains and quarterback starter, was moved to tailback after junior Kenny Council, damaged his collar bone. Council is most likely out for the rest of the season.Additionally, starter Chris Ball suffered a serious lower back injury in a previous game against Cheltenham.

    He also may be gone for the season, adding to the growing number of banged up offensive and defensive lines. Vanhorn believes the team will play better and has not yet lost hope for the remaining games. Were trying our hardest to get at least one win this season, said Vanhorn. Defensive coach Anthony Cipriano is working the line hard.

    Cipriano is running basic maintenance with the team in hopes of keeping the conditioning achieved in camp.
    Hopefully with the rigerous workout, the line will be able to hold up in the upcoming games. One of the problems the team has been experiencing this season is a loss of players with experience. The injuries are a major contributor to this.

    A lack of experience on the team and on the line is something we are struggling with, said Cipriano, We are bringing in the freshman who are very inexperienced. With the slow start and the lack of experience on the team the coaches are focusing on building team depth and morale. With homecoming on the horizon, the team feels confident that that game will be a major win for the team and for the school.

    They are having the same complications as us this year, but we feel we are ready for the game, and are looking to get that win, said Cipriano.The teams losses have been hard on the team and the coaches, but with a good game plan and give-it-their- all players, they hope to win one this year.How will the rest of the season be? With the end of the season near, coaches Vanhorn and Cipriano count on seeing some of the players return that were thought to be out for the season. They hope this will bring back some of the lost team spirit.…